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Time Is Precious: Make Every Minute Count

Time is the essence of life. Why do people waste it? We must treat time like a special gift. It’s a resource that we can’t buy, rent, borrow, store, save, renew or multiply. All we can do is spend it! And don’t wait until something happens to you or to a loved one to realize how precious your time is.

Here are 5 tips to follow to help you stay positive and not waste any of your precious time!

1) Plan each day in advance and decide what you are going to do before it starts. By the end of the day you will feel better that you didn’t waste time.

2) Think about what is valuable to you. How are you going to approach a task and what task is most important to you? Don’t waste time doing too many tasks that you become too frantic to get them all done. Prioritize your time.

3) Don’t get caught up in negative conversation that will take away your joy for that day. Don’t let negative people rent space in your head. Negative energy and conversation waste your precious time.

4) Learn to live in the moment. Be where you are. Pay attention to your other senses—touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste. Pretend it’s the very last time you’ll ever experience whatever you’re experiencing. Have you ever been so engrossed in something that it seemed like the rest of the world just disappeared? Living in the moment is about creating that state of mind at any time. Slow down, and try to savor the present. Stop texting when eating lunch or dinner! Even try to put your phone away for the day!

5) Be thankful for what is. When you find yourself wishing for something you don’t have, or wishing your life would be different, turn that search around and start being thankful for what is already in your life. Make a list of what you are thankful for right now, even if it’s as simple as being alive. You will rewire your thought pattern and become a happier person by not wasting your time wanting!

Time is a special gift. Appreciate that you are alive!

New York City’s celebrity Life&Style coach and anti-aging expert Andrea Warshaw-Wernick comes to your rescue when your life needs a redesign inside and out. Andrea, who is in her 60s but looks like she could be in her 40s, is an expert in the stage of a woman’s life she calls “Chapter Two”. Andrea is the founder of the boomer website and she launched the Fabulous Forever Program Fabulous Forever Program to help women 45 years and over achieve their life and style goals. Want Andrea to help you refresh your life? Contact her at

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