Women's Health



Osteoporosis is a condition that makes your bones weak and more likely to break. While anyone can develop osteoporosis, it … Watch Video→

What is Post-Menopause?


Post-menopause is the last stage of menopause–what do you need to know to live your best at this point in … Watch Video→

Sex and Menopause


Does menopause lower sex drive in all women? What should I do if my sex drive is not as high … Watch Video→

Eating for Your Health


Eating well is even more important as you head into menopause–learn the best foods to eat, and the smartest way … Watch Video→

Types of Hormone Therapy


Hormone therapy has been used to treat menopause symptoms, but there are a number of different types–learn more about what … Watch Video→

Why Is Hormone Therapy Used?


Hormone therapy can relieve menopause symptoms and can help many women live better during this phase of their lives. But … Watch Video→

Hot Flashes and More


Hot flashes bothering you? As one of themost prevalent menopause side effects, you’ll want to find out how to deal … Watch Video→

Understanding Perimenopause


During perimenopause some subtle—and sometimes not-so-subtle—changes in your body might happen. Learn more about some things you might experience in … Watch Video→

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