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Why Sunglasses Are A Must

Sometimes bigger is better! When it comes to sunglasses think  Audrey Hepburn movie star chic!

With spring sliding into summer, dermatologist Dr. Dawn Davis, in a report from the Mayo Clinic, explains why a good pair of (big) sunglasses is essential.

It’s a very good investment to have big sunglasses around the eyes,” Davis says. Why?

Because the skin around the eye is some of the thinnest skin on the body – so it’s more susceptible to damage.

We all know sunglasses are stylish, but additionally, they can help ward off skin cancer around the eyes, and…. they also fight vision loss. How? Ultraviolet light can pass through the eye to the lens, which can cause cataracts.

Get children used to sunglasses, early, so they’ll have a lifetime good-health habit. Nothing like a cute pair to get them excited about putting them on! Davis says that the ideal age is “as early, and as young, as they will wear them.”

When it comes to the ideal pair, Davis says to:

Pick sunglasses labeled as having “broad spectrum coverage” – in other words, protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Time to get stylish and protect those peepers – summer is just around the corner!




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