Break a Workout Rut: Pro Tips to Push Through Performance Plateau

You’re diligent about your daily workouts, but results have started to slow. Despite your best efforts, your clothes fit the same and the scale seems stuck at the same number. What gives?

If your performance has plateaued, you’re probably in a workout rut. According to AntiGravity® Fitness Founder and Creator Christopher Harrison, “When your body gets used to a routine, it becomes more efficient, and you stop seeing results.”

Expel exercise frustrations with these energizing, inspiring tips from Mr. Harrison:

Tip #1: Muscle Surprise If you’ve been doing the same workout for over a year now, chances are that the strengthening exercises are no longer effective. Muscle tissue adapts to the forces we exert upon them and once no longer challenged, stop growing. Unless you challenge your body in new and different ways, you are only maintaining. Try an AntiGravity® Yoga class to engage more upper body and core muscles.

Tip #2: Stimulate Your Senses Neuroplasticity in the brain refers to one’s ability to learn. When we try something new, we are creating new synaptic connections and neural pathways that increase our neuroplasticity. In other words, moving in new ways makes you smarter. If you’ve gotten caught up in your pattern, try something new like AntiGravity® AIRbarre, which takes dance conditioning to new heights.

Tip #3: Allow Yourself to DetachIf you find that you are attached to your current fitness practice, chances are that you are becoming more closed-minded and limiting your growth. It is a natural occurrence as we yearn for the familiar, but it’s important to find new ways to detach and new methods to grow incrementally. When you open up space in your body you open up space in your mind.

Christopher Harrison is a world-class athlete, a Broadway dancer and an award-winning Aerial Choreographer to the stars. P!nk and Gwyneth Paltrow are among his clients. Please visit http://www.anti-gravity.com/

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