Bringing Wellness into Your Home

Many elements in your living space contribute to your well-being. Where furniture is situated, how much light shines into the room, and the air being circulated can all influence your state of mind and wellness.

Below are some tips for creating wellness in your home:

Bring nature in. There is nothing more de-stressing than sinking into the rhythms of nature. That might mean having plants or emphasizing areas where the best light hits. You might want a reading corner in a room where the sunlight comes from behind you when you read. Or if you have an outdoor space, make it more inviting and spend more time outside. Even on a terrace or in a back yard, you can be a part of nature, and soak it in. We have an innate need to have the calming effect of nature in our lives.

Do your windows. Cleaning your windows is important for your mental health because it removes a film barrier of accumulated dirt between you and the world. It’s good to sit near a window; it’s more expansive than sitting in a dark corner.

Get rid of toxic cleaning products. If you’re concerned about the food going into your body, then you should also be concerned about the air you breathe when cleaning with harsh chemical products that are mostly untested on humans. There are a number of effective natural cleaners on the market. Puracy and P2 Probiotic Power (yes, probiotic!) are good brands.

Maintain good circulation flow in your home. Optimally, the “flow” of what’s in your home should resemble a meandering river, allowing you to pause comfortably in any area as you walk through your space. Whatever you do, don’t put the toilet facing the bathroom door. In feng shui, the Chinese art of balancing energies within a space, that means that energy flows down the toilet, not exactly a desirable end. If you are designing a new home, make the corridors as wide as possible to enhance movement between rooms; you can even make the corridors into additional, relaxed gathering places. Include books, chairs and plants..

Have your home reflect who you are. It should be the real you, not a McMansion version of you. Your home should reflect what brings you joy. Ultimately, you are the one living there, not your designer.

 Pay attention to the materials you use. Some feel good to the touch (marble, wood), while others are too rough, harsh or just annoying (some metals, granite, excessive use of glass).

Noise stress is real. Maybe you can resolve it by having a contractor install a layer of sound-deadening sheetrock on certain walls. You’re probably not aware of how stressful it is to hear someone in another room on a regular basis. Those sounds can be unsettling or even maddening – certainly not calming for a bedroom. Another option is to install a recirculating fountain to drown out low-level noise with the healing sounds of water.

Declutter, declutter, then declutter. Get rid of those things that don’t make you happy, and maybe replace them with those that do (but remember less is more!). Marie Kondo, the master of decluttering, has the simplest method—see if a particular possession sparks joy. If not, thank it and get rid of it. It’s such an easy way to clear your head.

Clear the air. Fresh air is a must. Open windows on breezy, mild days. If weather doesn’t permit, use rosemary mist or smudge with sage to clear the air and clear your mind.

Listen to your knowing. You understand better than anyone what the problem with your space is. Maybe the room needs more light (sunlight or well-placed lighting), or you might have to move furniture so it doesn’t restrict circulation flow. You’ll know what the problem is because you’re in it every day.

Maintain rituals. No, not voodoo spells, but the accurate definition: “practice or pattern of behavior regularly performed in a set manner.” Ritual is the timeless way that people have calmed and relaxed themselves for ages, a way to come to the present moment by merely the act of doing. Maybe your ritual is knitting, taking a bath every night, washing dishes, making breakfast for your partner, taking care of plants, or reading to your kids at bedtime. It’s important for your soul to have ritual be a part of your life, and home is where it is best done. Honor the importance of having ritual in your life.


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