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Don’t Stop at Your Home. Spring Clean Your Spirit, Too!

Here are the four best places to tidy up your life and how to do it:

  1. Your relationships. Evaluate which relationships feel toxic (hint: you’ll feel either tired or agitated if you’re around toxic people); give yourself permission to have some space from these relationships and write out the types of relationships that you *do* want in your life, then begin looking around at your existing social circle to see who fits the bill.
  2. Your health. Make an honest list of the bad health habits you engage in regularly (i.e. smoking, fast food, lack of exercise, high stress levels, ignoring pain, dental hygiene) and pick one new healthy habit each week to incorporate into your routine that will help fight back against the bad one. Also, choose a day in April to schedule all those doctor’s appointments you’re behind on (don’t forget dental!).
  3. Your spirit. Think about where you’re feeling disconnected, either to yourself, your community, or your spirituality. List activities that will cultivate more connection, like meditation, yoga, journaling or attending a religious or spiritual community event – schedule them!
  4. Your mind. Ghandi says “no one has permission to walk through my mind with their dirty feet!”  Think about whether you’re talking to yourself in a way that is less than supportive and healthy. Remodel your self talk and the talk you engage in with others. Make it a point to speak more positively during the day. And cut out conversations that are toxic (ie. gossip, pot-stirring, complaining) or that deplete your energy.

PLUS, If You’ve Only Got Time For A House Clean, Focus On These Three Areas: “If you only have time to do a partial spring cleaning, make these three rooms a priority: 1) your bedroom. It’s a reflection of your relationship with yourself, the more clutter the less clear and connected you’ll feel with yourself; 2) Your kitchen It’s a reflection of how you nourish your mind/body/spirit; 3) your bathroom. It’s where actual cleansing takes place – if anything is clogged or cluttered you will feel the same in your body.”

Jennifer Longmore, B.A.S.W., M.Ed, a Corporate & Professional Life Coach, has conducted over 30,000 soul purpose sessions, including ones with Fortune 500 executives, pro athletes, politicians and famous personalities in the entertainment industry. A former Forensic Social Worker, Longmore studied human behavior before getting in touch with spiritual side of human motivation and consciousness. In addition to having a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a Master’s in Education, Jennifer is also a Reiki Master, a Past Life Regressionist, and an Integrated Energy Therapist. She’s the author of many books on finding your soul purpose including “365 Wisdom Bombs”; “88 Universal Laws”; and others. 

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