Keeping Your Fitness Game on When Traveling

Do you find it challenging to keep up with your workouts while on vacation or business travel? Many people do! Whether you’re on your family vacation or traveling for business, Pilatesology and Athleticulture keep your workouts intact when you’re on the road. And the best part is you only need a computer or tablet. Pilatesology and Athleticulture bring your workouts with you, with amazing pilates, yoga, barre, ballet and functional workouts. You’ll never miss a workout again! No more worries over a bad hotel fitness center or not getting your outside run in for safety concerns.

Pilatesology and Athleticulture Founder Alisa Wyatt believes great workouts are the ones we want to do again and again. They’re fun, entertaining, challenging, engaging and inspirational and make us feel confident, sexy, alive, at peace with our bodies. They are also super effective at getting results whether we’re training for a marathon, staying fit while traveling or simply creating healthy movement habits. Below Alisa shares 6 great tips for keeping your workouts on track while traveling.
Tips for Keeping Workouts On Track When Traveling:
•    Book a room at a hotel that has a pool or fitness center.
•    Toss a jump rope and resistance bands into your suitcase—both are lightweight and take up little room.
•    Ask about nearby parks and walking and running trails when you get to your hotel.
•    Check out deals on local fitness classes or just call around to a few studios and see if they’re offering any one-time deals for first timers.
•    Skip the breakfast buffet and order from the continental menu instead or only visit the fruit, oatmeal and cereal section at the buffet.
•    Pack healthy snacks like nuts, dried fruit and protein bars in your carry-on. Then purchase fruit, raw veggies, yogurts and other healthy staples at a nearby grocery store or farmer’s market upon arrival and keep them in your hotel fridge.
•    Join the locals! Every region has a sport or activity they are well known for due to local terrain, these often determine some the local favorite sports and a great opportunity to try something new—biking around the lakes or on trails, strapping on a pair of rollerblades, zip lining, wind surfing, cross country skiing or swimming.

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