A New Remedy for Osteoporosis?

A newly developed dietary supplement is better than calcium and vitamin D in supporting bone health, according to researchers from Florida State University.

The investigators examined the dietary supplement KoACT®, comparing it with calcium and vitamin D. KoAct contains calcium and collagen. The two substances are bound together in the supplement.

The study, published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, was led by Bahram H. Arjmandi, Margaret A. Sitton Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food and Exercise Sciences at Florida State.

“This is crucial information for the health of women,” Arjmandi said. “Women in early menopause experience rapid bone loss.”

Investigators divided 39 women into two groups, with a control group taking a mix of calcium and vitamin D. The other group took a blend of calcium and collage.

Over a year’s time, the group taking calcium and vitamin D had a 3.75 percent loss in bone mineral density, while the group taking KoAct had just a 1.23 percent loss.
The study was funded by AIDP, Inc., a manufacturer of dietary supplements.

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