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Stuck Inside? Exercises to Do at Home

The snowy season is upon us – but you can still exercise even in the middle of a blizzard! Here, from the SeniorHealth division of the National Institutes of Health, are some at-home exercises for when you’re snowbound. (As always, check with your doctor before beginning or changing any exercise program.)

Dance to music on the radio or a CD

Lift hand weights, soup cans, water bottles while watching TV. You can also use resistance bands.

Do floor exercises like thigh stretches and hip stretches

Do leg lifts while holding on to a sturdy chair, counter or wall for support (Watch the video to see this exercise performed.)

March in place or walk around the room while talking on the telephone

Take a few extra trips up and down the steps at home to strengthen your legs and build endurance

Work out with an exercise DVD. Get “Everyday Exercises,” the free exercise DVD from the National Institute on Aging (NIA). (Click here for ordering information.)

While putting your groceries away, strengthen your arms by lifting the milk carton or a 1-pound can a few times

Walk on the treadmill, ride the stationary bike, or use the rowing machine that’s gathering dust in your bedroom or basement

Vacuum, mop, sweep, or dust those hard-to-reach areas

Play ping pong with the grandkids

Take advantage of small bits of “down time” to do an exercise or two. For example, while you’re waiting for the coffee to brew or for your spouse to get ready to go out, do a few wall push-ups or calf stretches.

For more information on other health issues, visit the Senior Health website.

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