The Key to Your Best Self in 2018 is in the Simple Things

For those of us looking to make big changes to our lives in the 2018, it’s easy to think that we have to make big changes to our routines. But actually, we might be better off focusing on the simple things. And trust us. When we say simple, we mean…simple. Like, elementary school simple.

We’ve dug deep into our memory banks to resurface those silly little things that we’ve been hearing our whole lives but are only now ready to listen to. Here are the smallest things in 2018 that will make a HUGE impact. Maybe a few will sound familiar…



You’ve been hearing it at every dentist appointment since, well, always: flossing is just as important as brushing—so, do both! Flossing and brushing are not only critical for dental health, they’re critical for setting a standard of self-care. Taking the extra step to both brush and floss on a regular basis reminds your subconscious of your body’s worth, and will encourage you to take other actions to care for yourself. Even Buddha expressed the importance of teeth brushing to his followers, and that was in the 6th century on the other side of the world.



One Mississippi, two Mississippi…Counting with Mississippis isn’t just for playground games. Using it in day to day life can help us weather tough situations by allowing us to slow it down. When we count with Mississippis, we teach ourselves to be patient, to not rush to conclusions, and to accept what we can’t control (like time!)



Or throw it in the trash. How much of what you own do you actually need? Whether it’s physical possessions like clothes, electronic possessions like apps, or emotional possessions like pent up anger, most of us have a thing or two we could live without. This new year, keep it simple by pressing delete, tossing it out, or letting it slide. Without the clutter – physical or metaphorical – you’ll have plenty of room to accept the good that 2018 is ready to give to you.



And everywhere else. A regular hygiene routine is crucial for emotional wellbeing. That means washing your hair, feet, and everything in between! When you bathe regularly, you minimize your risk of infection, skin irritation, and other conditions. Like brushing and flossing, maintaining a regular hygiene routine for your whole body is an important part of demonstrating the self-care that will allow you to take yourself to the next level. As the ancient Hebrew saying goes, “cleanliness is next to godliness.”



And don’t just act it—own it! Keep the silver hair trend alive by letting your grays slide by, and don’t fret too much over those laugh lines. Taoists believe that the only pathway to inner peace is self-acceptance, including acceptance of the physical byproducts of aging. For Taoists, old age is considered the most optimal time to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Why? Because by that time, life’s many experiences amount to wisdom. So, next time you’re feeling down about a wrinkle or two, remember that they are just signs of your enlightenment. Take that, Botox!



As much as it pained us to do it as kids, making our beds is an important part of setting the tone for the day. Navy SEAL Admiral William McRaven recently published a book about the power of this simple task appropriately titled, “Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe The World.” According to Admiral McRaven, “You need an anchor point for your day, and sometimes that anchor is as a simple as making your bed.”



Remember when sleepovers were basically the coolest thing ever? Well, sleepovers as an adult are still equally as fun. They’re normally just a little bit…sexier. In 2018, don’t forget to plan regular sleepovers, or just sex in general, with your partner. It might feel weird to schedule things at first, but it’s important to get it into your calendars. You’d be surprised at how easy it will slip by otherwise.

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