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Tips for a Great Summer Workout

Many of us make our best effort to get fit and toned for summer, but once the hot weather comes we can lose our motivation in the season of hot weather, barbecues and frosty treats. And that means all our hard work ends up going for nothing.

“In order to experience the benefits of mindful movement, you must remain consistent and intentional with your workout sessions throughout the entire year,” says Nora St. John, education program director for Balanced Body, a leading supplier of exercise equipment. “I recommend choosing movements that challenge your entire body physically and mentally and that you can continue to practice through the changing seasons.”

Here are Nora’s tips for getting the most out of your workout, both during the summer and all year round. (As always, check with your doctor before starting any exercise program.)

Build your core

Traditional core work is usually focused on the abdominal muscles that make up a six-pack, but these muscles are only part of a larger group that spans your entire torso. Find a program that will work your core three-dimensionally – front, side and back. An effective core conditioning exercise program needs to target all the muscle groups from your hips to your shoulders.

Tune in during endurance training

Runners, rowers and swimmers know how much focus it can take to maintain form over a long workout. Consider “tuning in” for short bursts of time. If you are practicing a repetitive endurance sport, try being fully present for periods of 10, 20 or 30 seconds several times during your training period. Take a few seconds to turn off the music, quiet whatever chatter is happening in your mind and feel your body moving. Tuning in to your internal sensations can provide information you can use to help your body self-correct.

Focus on form in weightlifting

If your preferred fitness activity is weightlifting, consider focusing on form as a way to connect the mind and the body. To do this, you’ll need to find workout equipment that lets you focus on moving smoothly and with control through every phase of the movement. For example, traditional kettlebells can put tension on wrists and shoulders, so finding the right type of weight for your body is worth the effort.

Introduce variety

Let’s face it: doing the same workout day after day can be incredibly discouraging. Not only that, but workouts can start to become ineffective. Incorporating different types of exercises can help motivate you to work out more frequently and awaken muscles in your body that have been neglected.

Balanced Body believes that movement changes people’s lives. The company is the leading resource for Pilates and mindful movement equipment, information and education for fitness centers, studios, rehabilitation facilities and home enthusiasts. For more information, click here.

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