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Join the discussions of articles and other topics on our Forum. Click on the orange FORUMS link on the subjects banner at the top of our home page or click the “Join the Conversation!” link at the bottom of most articles. Take a look at the funny, wise and wonderful conversations you’ve been missing:

1.   “If you are working at a stressful place, everyday ejaculations  can do wonders.” From “How often do we masturbate?” Sex forum:

2.   “Be where you are. Otherwise you will miss your life.” (Buddha). From “The Good Life: It’s not about the money” Work and Retirement forum:

3.   “Living single as a senior is FANTASTIC. I would not have it any other way. Being single for over 3 decades, one builds friendships that have survived the test of time. Single is far from being in a lonely state of mind. Let’s face it, life throws a ton of baggage at the female. It is GREAT to be fancy free and SINGLE to do as I please.” From “Are you living and loving it?” Anti-Aging forum:

4.   “Here’s why watching Kardashians rots your mind (even though it’s fun). I just saw a headline that read Cuba reacts to Kim’s death and thought it was about Kim Kardashian instead of Kim Jong Il. Scary!” (Well, this was one of my posts, but I learned something about myself.) From “Are the Kardashians the Smartest Women on TV” Celebrity Dish forum:

5.   I learned what it feels like to be someone who is feared by a celebrity like Rosie O’Donnell when a young thirdage forum reader sent in her own video response to Rosie’s admission that Little People freaked her out. Watch it; it’s a wonderful example of educating and advocacy. From “Is Rosie O’Donnell still loved?” Movies, TV Shows, Books Forum:

6.   Things that help fibromyalgia – acupuncture, medications (Cymbalta, Savella, Tramadol, Voltarin, 800 mg of Ibuprofen at bedtime), herbal remedies like willow bark capsules and melatonin, a nap, keep moving, cranial sacral massage, eliminating gluten from diet, and more. From “What do fibromyalgia pains feel like?’ Fibromyalgia forum:

7.   One reader wrote about her experience losing weight in TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), which I had never heard of, in “What’s the Biggest Dieting Mistake”; and another reader shared her wonderful blog, http://MyJourneyThrough Thick and, in “Weight Loss Support Group” both  from the Weight Loss forum:

8.   Some of our readers believe cigarettes should be made illegal. See “Should cigarettes be banned?” General Health forum:

9.   “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most effective treatment for panic attacks.” From “Remedies for panic attacks” Stress Relief forum:

10.   A reader who is a personal trainer sent in a video for me demonstrating stretches for my piriformis syndrome, which makes exercise painful. From “What is your exercise routine?” Anti-Aging forum: Forum Director Judy Kirkwood learns several new things every day via ThirdAge articles and discussions.

Judy Kirkwood writes articles for print and web publications – national, regional, and local; is a contributing writer to Simply the Best and Boca Raton Observer magazines in South Florida; and plays on the beach and in the pool year-round. Visit her on Facebook @JudysFlorida and please visit

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