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You Need An Eye Exam Now. Here's Why.

With all our other health concerns, we may be inclined to skip getting an annual eye exam, but in fact it’s crucial, according to the Lighthouse Guild, a nonprofit organization that provides vision and health services.

“Early detection and treatment of low vision are the key to better eye health,” says Dr. Andrea Zimmerman, a low vision specialist at Lighthouse Guild. “Undiagnosed and untreated eye problems can lead to permanent vision loss.”

Zimmerman suggests the following four reasons to get an eye exam:

  • To correct your prescription: Vision changes over time, and the glasses or contact lenses that worked for you in the past, may not be accurate anymore. Adjusting the prescription for your glasses or contact lenses may be necessary to make sure your vision is as clear as possible.
  • To detect health problems: Eye exams can detect health issues such as diabetes, glaucoma, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
  • To identify eye disorders: Seeing an eye doctor regularly can help identify eye disorders early. This is particularly important for serious eye conditions like glaucoma, which can be treated if caught early.
  • To treat headaches: Frequent headaches can be a symptom of vision problems. When an eye problem is untreated, eyestrain can result, and that can cause headaches.

“Scheduling a comprehensive eye exam at least once every year is not only a great way to take care of your eyes but also your overall health,” Zimmerman says. “An eye exam can potentially identify a range of treatable health issues and help keep you happy and healthy for years to come.”

Lighthouse Guild, based in New York, is the leading healthcare organization dedicated to addressing and preventing vision loss through coordinated vision and health services. With Lighthouse Guild, people who are at risk for, or affected by, vision loss have access to the resources necessary to lead full, independent and productive lives. For more information, visit


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