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16 Top Lifelong Weight Loss Tips

Here are my top 16 tips on how to begin a proper diet program, start losing weight, and keep yourself healthy all year round.

* 1) Start and maintain a food diary. This easy exercise will help you see your daily food intake and keep you on target and avoid overeating.

* 2) Set goals on what you want, but be realistic about what you can accomplish or you will set yourself up for failure. Know what you can do and think about a timeframe that you can do it in.

* 3) Literally write your goals and paste them all over your kitchen, bathroom mirror, and desk and food diary. Make sure they are visible.

* 4) Treat your goals as if they are the most important work plan. This is your special life project!

* 5) Stay focused, especially when food shopping. Use a shopping list and only buy what you need for the week.

* 6) Don’t beat your self up! Take baby steps, one meal at a time. Start with breakfast and eat low- sugar fruits, oatmeal and drink lots of water. Then move on to your new lunch plan, and follow through to dinner!

* 7) Never skip a meal! By eating three meals a day, you keep your energy up and your tummy full. Plus, you won’t get hungry, which will help curb snacking during the day!

* 8) Add color to your life! Make sure your plate of food is colorful with different and interesting vegetables. Varieties of vegetables also have goodies that aid body functions and help you stay young and healthy!

* 9) Go green! Eating green veggies and large salads provides you with better eyesight, plus they are high in vitamins and low in calories. Can’t beat that!

* 10) Drink up! Rule of thumb: drink a full glass of water and it will stop your hunger craving.

* 11) Eat sweet vegetables and fruits. The more you eat, the less you will crave processed sweets.

* 12) Never go to the store hungry! Have a healthy snack before you go food shopping, and just focus on your shopping list.

* 13) Sleep equals weight-loss. When we are tired, our bodies will crave energy in the form of sugar. Try to follow a sleep routine. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Remove electronics from the bedroom!

* 14) Eat and enjoy! When having a meal, “turn off “everything: no texting, TV, driving, etc. Sit down and enjoy what you are eating and savor every moment of the meal.

* 15) Become label savvy. Learn how to read the labels on everything you shop for and ultimately eat.

* 16) Reduce stress and spend more time on your “me”.

New York City’s celebrity Life&Style coach and anti-aging experWarshaw-Wernick comes to your rescue when your life needs a redesign inside and out. Andrea, who is in her 60s but looks like she could be in her 40s, is an expert in the stage of a woman’s life she calls “Chapter Two”. Andrea is the founder of the boomer website http://fabatanyage.com/ and she launched the Fabulous Forever Program http://fabatanyage.com/fabulousforever/ to help women 45 years and over achieve their life and style goals.

Want Andrea to help you refresh your life? Contact her at andrea@fabatanyage.com.

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