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6 Tips for Staying Sober This Holiday

Holidays can be a particularly trying time for those in recovery from addiction. Family stress and parties filled with temptation can make this time of year a true test of willpower. To help those faced with addiction this holiday season, Sober Grid is providing helpful tips for staying sober. Sober Grid is a free smartphone app for people in recovery and people who want to live sober lifestyles, free from drugs and alcohol. It is designed to allow sober people to easily find and connect with other former addicts around them, wherever they may be.

“The holiday season is really a time for joy, thankfulness, and giving,” says Beau Mann, Founder, President, and CEO of Sober Grid. “Those in recovery can and should enjoy this time of year to its fullest, as long as they remain safe by making good decisions.”

To help maintain sobriety throughout the holiday season, Sober Grid recommends:

  1. Be Prepared to Turn Down a Drink

It is normal to be offered a drink at a party, so be prepared to turn it down. An effective way to avoid an awkward line of questioning is to claim an alcohol allergy. This is not a lie since addicts have an abnormal reaction to alcohol.

  1. Hold a non-alcoholic Drink

Keeping a non-alcoholic drink in-hand will ward off potential offers of a drink. People will most likely assume anything that isn’t water is alcohol.

  1. Use the Buddy System

When attending a party, it can be helpful to buddy up with someone who is available to talk. That individual can physically be in attendance or connected by phone. For those with a designated support system – such as  a sponsor for those in AA – plan to check in both before and after the event.

  1. Reach Out to Others

Support networks are extremely useful during the holidays, so be sure to use them. Reach out to sober friends and supporters, even if you’re not in trouble. It’s important to stay plugged in, especially during this time. The Sober Grid community is a great place to connect with others with similar experiences.

  1. Take a Break

Maintaining sobriety is more important than any party. Don’t be afraid to step outside, or even leave if necessary.

  1. Travel Smart

If traveling, plan out support group meetings – AA, NA, Smart Recovery – in advance. Using Sober Grid and calling a sponsor or another sober person can also be helpful tools if stranded without a recovery group.

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