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Needed: A Table

We got a new carpet this week.

A crew of three came to rip up the old and put in the new. One was a female. The guys told me they love working with her because she works harder than 95% of the men on their crew. (No offense, men, but that really isn’t surprising!)

She complimented the house and we ended up chatting. Found out she was struggling a bit. She lives in an apartment and is raising her granddaughter. Unfortunately, that usually means her child is either a drug addict or has a serious mental illness. I didn’t pry.

Turns out she could use some of the excess small tables I had that I was going to post and attempt to sell. I told her I would be happy to give her them, which saves me the hassle of selling. She was very grateful, but she doesn’t drive. Her boss picks her up every morning and takes her home and she didn’t want to put him out any further.

She said she would say some prayers in his honor.

I went out to talk to “the boss.” I told him I was going to bat my eyes at him, and he asked I wanted. He had no problem taking the items for her. She was so thrilled. I mentioned that one of them had belonged to my dad. She saw a picture of him on the wall and said he looked kind. She also said she would say some prayers in his honor. It was a lovely and sincere moment.

small table against wall


She was hesitant to take it at first because of it belonging to him. I told her that keeping it would not bring him back, but it would make me happy to know that someone so appreciative was using it.

It was a wonderful day in spite of all the stress that house remodeling brings. Things are looking spiffy!

Happy Holidays to everyone, especially those experiencing the loss of someone they care about. Holidays always seem to multiply the grief.

And please share my post if you are able. Love to all of you!

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