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Five Fabulous Fitness Treats

You’ve eaten right. You’ve worked out consistently and you’ve taken the time to keep your mind sharp and clear. Shouldn’t you be rewarded for your efforts, while taking your fitness game to the next level? We believe you should. Here are five fitness-oriented gifts to get in the holiday season or the New Year.

DVD & Book. If you are looking to seriously sculpt your body right, then you have to try the Hilliard Method. Liz Hilliard and her daughter Clary, who look more like twins, have taken the best of cardio, Pilates, Barre work and stretching to create a dynamic workout that burns calories and sculpts your shape. “We mixed so many different things together, we didn’t know what else to call it but our names,” says Liz (pictured), who is 62 years old! The dynamic duo offers several different ways to get you in shape, including a DVD and Video on Demand series; click here to find out more.  that uses everything from body weight to bands and balls to tighten the core, sleek arms and legs and strengthen the heart. And yes you’ll feel it from minute one. I did a mini session with the ladies when they came to New York City and was shaking through every position. Liz has also written a book, Be Powerful, which is designed to find your strength at any age.

Jump Rope. Did you know that jumping rope for 10 minutes is roughly equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging on a treadmill or elliptical trainer? The DynaPro Jump Rope has long aluminum handles with a non-slip rubber coating for an easy grip, and the rope is adjustable for any height. It’s cord also comes in three colors to choose from, which helps brighten up my workout as I attempt a double under.  If you are a beginner, adjust your rope a little longer so you have a little leeway as you learn to let your feet lift the ground.

Yoga Wheel. First invented by yoga master Sir Dharma Mittra in 1977, the Dharma Mittra Wheel is designed to help people gain increased mobility and flexibility while achieving postures that seem impossible. The Wheel comes with a visual chart to take users through a series of moves, from holding it over your head as you lean back to stretch (which I tried), to more complicated moves like a balanced split on the wheel (which I’m working up to). Unlike a yoga block, the wheel creates an unsteady surface that engages my core when I work with it on the floor. By supporting my body in curved poses, it also promotes a healthy spine and back, while I work to maintain a youthful body, mind and spirit. The Dharma Mittra Wheel also has eco-friendly design –it is made of completely recycled and natural fibers, which enforces the mantra of waste nothing.

Body Wash & Lotion. After an intense workout, there’s nothing like a great hot shower. Make it count with Lifetherapy body products, which offers five different scents – Vacation, Chill, Escape, Flirt and Play – designed to boost your mood and enhance a positive frame of mind. I personally love “Vacation,” with its notes of Polynesian coconut, white orchid, warm sugar and sandalwood. Along with the wash and lotion, Lifetherapy offers body scrub and crème, and roll-on perfume. Proudly made in the USA, the Lifetherapy line is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil and petroleum, and is cruelty-free.

Fitness Escape. Ready to take your fitness to another level? How about in Ibiza, Spain? Training Places Villa is a fitness dream destination that allows its guests to turn one gorgeous space into their own personal fitness oasis. The villa offers five bedrooms with en-suites to accommodate up to 12 guests, three living areas complete with a terrace and pool and two modern kitchens that come with a personal chef who customizes a spa menu to your liking. The most amazing part of the villa is its 1600+ sq. ft. rooftop, which has been transformed into the ultimate performance space with innovative equipment such as a quad sled and core bag. Book a stay with your own personal trainer and several fitness pals for five days of intense training while overlooking Ibiza Town, or the Villa can arrange a PT for you and your buddies. Of course, a fitness retreat like this isn’t cheap. Pricing starts at $950 per person (plus flights). But as the saying goes, you’re worth it!




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