Grilled Salmon with Tomatoes + Basil

Mediterranean eating at it’s best! Tomatoes and basil and salmon combine for a delicious, colorful, punch of nutrition and flavor. Choose wild salmon when possible, preferably from Alaska or Washington as salmon populations are more steady there.

Salmon Sushi Salad

Love sushi? Love salad? Then you will love our sushi salad! A perfect blend of lightly sauteed salmon and seaweed with mixed greens make this a perfect go-to for those watching their carb intake!

Salmon Quinoa Salad

If we could make a grain a cape-wearing superhero, quinoa would take the prize. Healthy, delicious, and the only grain that’s a complete protein, this gluten-free superfood is also high in fiber and antioxidants, and it’s nutty flavor and fluffy texture make it a great-tasting substitute for rice or pasta.

Grilled Salmon Rosemary Kebabs

Use the sturdy rosemary branches, stripped of leaves, as skewers for these salmon kebabs; they’ll add a subtle, smoky flavor that hints of pine.

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