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Amazing + Unique Apple Recipes – Perfect for Fall!

It’s apple picking season – the perfect excuse to head outside for some family fun, or have a romantic day with that special someone and enjoy the crisp fall weather. And what better way to enjoy your delicious handpicked apples than with one of these amazing apple-inspired recipes!

Almond + Apple Butter Rings


Simple, nutritious, delicious. What more could you want? The perfect midday or afternoon snack, for both big and little kids alike! This is a fun way to try something just a little bit different, with plenty of space to experiment along the way!

Curried Peanut Apple Celery Salad


Curry gives a fragrant spice to this simple fruit and veggie salad. The peanuts and celery give a satisfying crunch,while the apples provide a sweeter counterpoint – creating a beautifully balanced bouquet of flavors!

Applesauce Pancakes

You love pancakes, but want something healthy? Applesauce pancakes to the rescue! These simple to make, and yummy to eat. Perfect for kids and adult-sized kids alike.

Apple + Onion Scrambled Eggs


Apples, onions, and eggs?! Yes – this winning combination makes a (surprising) delicious breakfast. Try with different types of apples to get different flavors!

Apple Pistachio Crisp


Honeycrisp apples, true to their name, are both sweet + crunchy. They’re delicious raw, but also perfect for baking. Their sweetness allows us to reduce added sugar, as we did with this apple crisp – so enjoy sans guilt!




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