Cucumber + Watermelon Gazpacho

Gazpacho makes us weak in the knees. We love the vibrant tastes that come from this chilled raw soup – and it’s always a winner when served at a party. This is a fabulous twist on the Spanish classic, subbing out  tomatoes for watermon. It’s a perfect blend of sweet and savory!

Wheatberry Chili

What are wheatberries? We asked ourselves the same thing – so here’s the skinny: wheatberries are the whole grain form of wheat, the whole, complete grain before it’s undergone any processing. A fantastic source of potassium, iron and fiber, wheatberries   add a unique texture to this flavor-packed chili recipe. This hearty, colorful one p

Southwestern Chicken + Sweet Potato Skillet

Love one skillet meals? Us too! This skillet consists of chicken, sweet potato, bell peppers, tomatoes with green chiles, black beans, a heavy-hand of seasonings, and a generous amount of melted cheese – while it might sound naughty, it’s actually full of protein, vitamins, and fiber, a guilt-free indulgence.

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